Are you really safe?


Whether it's a mugging, a hostage situation or rape, predators tend to view women as easy targets. This doesn't even include domestic abuse and sexual assault by non-strangers. Unfortunately, most women aren't prepared to defend themselves from these attacks. Although the awareness of self-protection has grown amongst women, many aren't taking the necessary steps to be prepared when a confrontation arises.

One of the first steps essential to self-protection for women is prevention. As easy as it sounds, many women don't think about the risks they take when walking to their cars or opening a door for a stranger at home. The next time you are by yourself, try and remember these crucial life saving tips. 



1. At Home: Never answer the door to strangers. Keeping the door locked, ask the person to identify him/herself. If you have no scheduled appointment with this person, do not open the door.

2. When Shopping: Parking lots are high threat locations for women. Always be aware of your surroundings when transitioning from your vehicle into the store and vice versa. Do not get distracted by talking on your phone or listening to music. Do not turn your back to the parking lot when loading bags into your vehicle.

3. Guard Your Information: Be aware of people eavesdropping on your conversations. Do not post personal information on the internet that may come back to haunt you. The person standing next to you in line at the post office does not need to have access to information about where you live (your return address on the envelope that he can read). Predators use information against their victims-don't help them hurt you!

4. At Work: Identify both escape routes and hiding places at work in the event of a workplace violence incident or any type of invasion (robbery, shooting, etc.).

5. When Traveling: Before your trip, research your destination for both criminal and terrorist threats (the CIA World Factbook provides this information). Learn what crimes and drug activities are predominant at your destination. During your trip, do not discuss the details of your plans (hotel names; arrival and departure dates; if you are traveling alone or with a companion, etc.) with strangers you meet along the way.

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